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銆€銆€Parents advice is still somewhat useful, the next three or four days seedlings Xiaowei honest a little early in the evening on the back.This can be changed back home late Shen Yung, Yung Shen Xiaowei seedlings do not want every night in together, so excuse the company busy, need to work overtime every day spent in the office, at night before going back to 90.1.
銆€銆€Regardless of his own wife, also came home late, make a face to face returned to their rooms to sleep.It seems now when not married no difference Well, there is more than a cohabitation roommate.
銆€銆€Miao Xiaowei think this day is very pleasant.But people have nothing to do, every day is very ea南宁夜生活网sy to idle trouble, like seedlings Xiaowei, he is not interested in the factory, in the afternoon three or four points every day back home, playing two games, call a takeaway, but also one or two days OK, this kind of day every day, always tired.
銆€銆€Within a week, he began thinking about the kind of night life in the days before.Especially Shen Yung also home late, nobody him, former playmate and then s都市夜网end a messageMapiansalv Xuanfengqufu coax Qiaodui ╋ Renxiyian Jianfunianbang Hai ?
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