you directly.”Sumi put books into the cupboard of the room, playing a pot of water to Zhang Yuyu, he said with a smile.

  ”Do not worry, in the morning when I came out of it pack a lot of buns, pork, cabbage, and my mother love to go again.”Where there is such a good condition before it?Eat the wild buns are good, and now she can spend money to buy food the meat, stuffing m南宁桑拿ix when put a lot of oil, bite, ouch, really very, very fragrant ah!
  ”Zayang shop in business, LEISURE doing okay right?Yes, food shop and a butcher’s shop thing you gave me to do it?”Sumi see Zhang Yuyu washing after handing me a towel, asked Yi Diesheng.
  ”I looked at the moon breeze and it seems to be doing okay, what action also came skilled, but business is still good, basically only five ounces of silver in 上海419同城对对碰water, then remove the capital also left about two day two now, alas…”Zhang Yuyu sighed and said some worry.
  ”Even if this is good, how to say each month there are about sixty-two fetched it, again, even if I was there it would not be able to much better business, now is the off-season, do not worry, such as wind and moon then thought enough.”Sumi actually very optimistic, still pressing, Zhang Yuyu.
  ”Ugh…You comfort me, I do not believe you do not worry, I shop there to say hello, tomorrow you send something to give, they said, the car foot of the money you do not.”Zhang Yuyu looked at the grinning Sumi, snappily white at her, said helplessly.
  ”Well, I do not say this, get ready to eat it, what are the stewed chicken cooked.”Sumi see Zhang Yuyu anxious look quickly changed the subject, pulled her into the kitchen.
  Altho北京夜生活ugh she said those words of consolation Zhang Yuyu does have the ingredients, but most are also sincere, this child already doing business is not smooth sailing no matter waves, is considered the normal ups and downs.
  Now is the off-season, so after harvest when naturally enough.
  ”You give me Sheng points out of it, for a while we go to send food to them when we go directly to my house to eat not get away?After the meal two children can not go out to play for