Secretary Yangshuo, the specific unclear.”

  A fish pen down, and sure enough leopard change its spots, past lives are so.
  Xu new emotion: “She is cruel, but also blame the poor.”
  So looking at is very poor, but that is not sympathetic to the Arab-Israeli fishing.In all people, the Feng Yu is hated Gu Linna, after her death, Gao Lihua how to live.

129 Chapter 30 Pa total fiancee
  Gu Linna by security rudely pulled the driver’s seat, bursts of dizziness, nausea, as if someone shouting screaming, but she could not hear, blocked ears like a group of cotton, rumbling exploding.
  Slowly, gradually clear vision, lying in a pool of blood i苏州夜网nto the eye of the Division of Yangshuo, Gulin Na canthus do crack, she finally realized what he was doing.Su深圳桑拿网ddenly, sober, soul gone, Gu Linna pale color are not the slightest bit, the whole body to shake violently, disbelief staring eyes.
  Suddenly, Gu Linna scream: “Yangshuo!Division Yangshuo!Division Yangshuo!”
  It made impressive advances step, Gu Linna was stopped by security, lest her to make what would be unthinkable to do.
  Blood gushing from the body to the Secretary Yangshuo, Jia Linna feel his body also will be pulled out of the blood, legs and soft collapsed to the ground, she was crashed with the Division of Yangshuo!
  Division Yangshuo ambulance was rushed to hospital after the rescue, to save life is back, you might well end up paralyzed below the waist outcome.
  Si Mu deep sorrow, crying, crying, crying tears Mama, teeth: “Gu Linna, Gu Linna, I want to kill her.”Her son, 30-year-old has not arrived yet, ah, Jia Linna bas南宁夜网tard, die a natural death.
  Secretary mother being wrong, why she had to let his son to pursue Gu Linna, Gu Linna is a madman.After the video event, should she take advantage of her son broke up, sh