t father, for he did not like, often stay in school, the calculation of the time, does not meet the Fearless, but doe都市夜网s not allow Fearless father to the school to pick her up.

  Over time, the natural father and affection Fearless very light.
  The original owner does not lack anything a child, but there was missing is the father who accompanied rebellious period until the arrival of more and more hot temper.
  And dads consciously because his daughter was owed less time, so doubling hurt her, what she wants to, there is no bottom line of pet.
  Even so the pet, the original owner is also the most spoiled little princess, the world around her want to rotate a little unhappy angry, and after that bullying.
  But she never dark with come out with anything – text habitat for male patrons at first sight and immediately pursue, know like Gu Wen Guan Xin habitat, even if the trouble is with looking off Yan “Ming” means.
  If she really wants to shut welcomes a 深圳桑拿网hard, long look tyrant father to help her deal with.
  As for the latter part of the book on the original owner for the care of the household, the original owners to make, but the care of the household is not a simple small white lotus, much to choose between the two sides of it.
  And when Jiang to sleep through, everything has not happened.
  In the ginger seems to sleep, before she came through, and the previous actions, considered the most arrogant and despotic, and vicious detached.
  Father of four cold, but also because of the lack of companionship, then rebellious youth arrive, it becomes so moody character.
  After then, the original owners lived alone, most contact once a month, and the contact time is very short, the original owners impatient to hear them complaining hundred.
  So after sleeping through the ginger to treat the a天津夜网ttitude changed for the better dads, dads in shock rejoicing, only when her daughter became wiser.
  Because Jiang Mian child to the father who is also very close.
  In particular, local tyrant f