y to do the check-out, took the students to return to the provincial capital Ma slip.

  After Gu mother looked at those dirty linens pillowcases pillow, and gave their own to find the meaning of existence, she took care of my father to start a logistics guest house, bed linen quilt like those are with sterile water before, then unified into the washing machine to wash, dry and finally after drying, stacked neatly, all correspondence of the room into the cabinet.
  Gu father had planned to keep raising birds with a variety of flowers, did not expect to care for her mother arranged a job to clean the floor, all the floors need to rub with a clean linen.If it is to eat a meal a few days Guxuan Zhi do, Gu Dad are ready to go back to the provincial capital.
  Hostel open down, Gu and 北京夜生活her mother had to idle down.
  She determined to look at a few of the same age Wacun old lady playing cards chat, can Wacun under the old ladies have things to do myself, either to help under-lying agricultural planting base in addition to weeding watering, either go peasant farms to help feed the fish, yet many people are going to help feed mill package whisper pocket, although earn much every day, but to save their own pocket money is not a problem.
  Village with those of a woman no schooling than the care of her mother felt myself fall.
  Devoted three decades of nation-building, how you can sit back and enjoy retirement?
  As a pursuit of the ideal woman, even to the retirement age, it should remain a never retired heart!
  Gu mother myself wondering in their hearts for a few days, went to the village wandering around a few times, 北京夜网did do research, and finally look into the Du Granny ‘herbal tea’ business.
  The village people say, that Du Granny ‘herbal tea’ business is given Guxuan Zhi,