ok, raising his hand pinched her little face, suddenly from the side come up with a red box.

  ”what is this?”Shen Xuan suspiciously at him sweep up the amount and found that the other side did not hurt, loss she so worried, but he is the main man there is a halo.
  Mu Ting looked at her eyes, “I travel not to say never brought you a gift.”
  Between the heart of a dynamic, Shen Xuan could not help holding 北京风月会所his neck and muttered: “Why do not you answer my calls, I thought something had happened.”

Truth Chapter 50
  If not personally see Shen Xuan could not believe the caller said to come back, and the middle is actually little news and no, it did not call to inform themselves, the only explanation is that he did not want to tell their own.
  The thought himself so worried, results of the other things that did not, Shen Xuan felt his head must have been squeezed to the door, and his last was kidnapped, the other party can find no according to their own, this time how could lose contact for so long, and bell assistant did not seem anxious look, certainly knows everything.
  ”Some accident.”Mu Ting not be slow to explain the sentence.
  Shen Xuan strip is pulled stool to sit down, so Shining eyes scanned the opposite of people, the more 广州桑拿that he was carrying what he was doing shameful things.
  ”It was just an accident?”Her brow wrinkled and felt ver深圳桑拿网y uncomfortable.
  He took her hand, Mu Ting touched her head, eyes faint said: “suddenly, it did not tell you.”
  And he also saved a little selfish.
  Inexplicable nose acid, Shen Xuan throw his hands and looked deep his eyes, followed up on the floor, it seems even the bell assistant knows, in his heart while he did not even have an assistant like, even if it is a trade secret also without telling her, explain their trust in hi