t Festival

  Qiong This time really cried: ‘sister-in-law, this is my fault, I’ll go mine company commander clear that you do not break off an engagement, or else I am a sinner.”
  ”You know how to say?The letter again?Waiting for your letter arrived, his book also break off an engagem南宁夜网ent to me here.”Qi Yue calm tone.
  Qiong wait for them to kneel down, and shook his head: “No, mine company commander may not believe that I said the letter.”But this, he does not believe.
  For Leijun Xin Qi Yue, she did not hold much, but because they met three or four months, and even less time to spend together, she could not demanding him after receiving Zhouqiong Xin, choose to believe her, besides such a thing for green cap, the man is almost zero tolerance, their rage, loss of basic common sense is often the case.
  Well, not green cap pulled this level, but a conservative era, under a large crowd of men handle is being cast aside by society as a whole thing, and Zhou Qiongxin to write the basic fact that, just looking at different people have different interpretations Bale.
  Well, going to rain mother will get married, and waiting for his reply, right.
  Qiong almost crying to go, go before he paused, but Qi Yue did not want to hear, waved him away.
  If the proposed LEI really break off an engagement.Qi Yue shook his head, do not want, do not come for what happened worries.
  Back to the clinic, all as the former is so, to Dr. Huang along the way, Mr. Liu and Comrade grandfather tie acupuncture, with two chess They learn at the evening ba北京会所体验网ck to the hospital to look after that three kinds mixed in broken pots Dendrobium.
  But unfortunately, she is very careful to take care of, but Dendrobium is planted into pots in the seventh day of completely dead.
  It seems that she wants road cultivated Dendrobium long way to go.
  Dendrobium died the next day is the Dragon Boat Festival, and, Dr. Huang Qi Chartered she took Father home for the Dragon Boat Festival.
  The day before the Dragon Boat Festival, the husband and wife to Dr. Huang Qi Chuanzong brought dumplings made of glutinous rice a