tage, Wen nine at home listening to vain.

  Now is the winter, the temperature is so low, people can not see the house every day to keep out.
  So, this thing still have to clear the check as soon as possible good.
  However, Premier Wen nine think that this thing is not for publicity.
  She put aside and Guo to three gold: “Master Guo, I tell you one thing.”
  ”Boss, you say.”
  Wen nine own arrangements, whispered with three gold Guo said.
  Guo three gold nodded his head, then just go to those craf杭州桑拿tsmen who conveyed the.
  Wait until the afternoon, when the village to spread the message –
  Nine new homes warm wal苏州夜网419ls, people to tear down, however, worry that the foreman Guo Wen nine three gold held accountable, so put this thing down to the pressure, the temperature did not dare tell IX secretly to re-build the walls on.Read the latest chapter please pay attention to micro signal: rdww444

  375 catch bad guys

  This village is relatively small, news quickly spread.
  Of course, this news is deliberately Guo Wen nine three gold to spread out.
  She believes her house to tear down the walls of people, surely people in the village.
  Wen nine think that this man, since any grudges with her, wanted to sabotage, would not have time to meet.
  Probably, tomorrow night, will come to make trouble children!
  Of course, the premise is not here to prevent the temperature nine, he dared to come again.
  Guo Wen nine three gold let the news spread out, i北京会所体验网t is also to confuse the people sabotage, so he felt warm nine did not know this thing.
  Since the temperature nine did not know this thing, it would not be fortified, that person will certainly have the guts to come again.
  Take this man to seize, Wen nine can not rely on their own strength.
  After she confessed with three gold Guo fi