pigs?”Wang Xiangqin’d not worry about it, not to mention the probability of a large pig stolen too low, the safety factor to the system point of view, so if the thief to the children, she can point people in advance for the wax.

  ”Put earlier, I do not believe someone stole the pig.But you think, ah, there are people who steal even the cabbage, pig thinking about how no one of 北京风月网it?”Zhu mother is right and what is a righteous, after a moment from her lap dog eat do天津夜网g Shenpan Yisow.
  Sao:.My cabbage ah!Yang was the largest and most juicy cabbage ah!
  Zhu mother because of this sentence, Sao decadent whole person into a group, all can not even go to the market to greedily.But in the end she went anyway, because this is the last year go to the market, and then again you have to wait until the first month.Edge of the city than the countryside do not, so if something suddenly found short, no place to buy buy, unless she is willing braved the cold wind went to town to buy things.
  Wang Xiangqin is the mother to go along with Zhu Zhu mother introduced her to several home possessor old woman sows.The so-called book, it is really just just say hello.Wang Xiangqin’d heard the other side ready to raise five, happy enough, even a small tract home has always been very healthy piglets, Zhu mother and boast more th南宁夜网an a good daughter.
  Because busy with other farmers say hello, Wang Xiangqin I was not to see the empty stall in the market, naturally, did not buy the big lock, even she did not see even all three sister-in-law.Once it touches busy to go home, she found sister look sickly, the people look than in the morning is actually Zhu mother poked foot pain more decadent Yisow.Decadence gas Yisow touches, a change in the morning, brimming with joy.
  ”Yisow?Yisow but hit a go