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The last straw of love

The last straw of love

If marriage is a parallel of “some people”, then life is “a life of two people”.

“To tell you the truth, I must move because I have never liked this house.

No matter the location or decoration, I don’t like everything!

“She said coldly.

The boy’s fiancee was offended by a sounding far-fetched reason that he “disliked the newly bought house”.

The girl stayed in front of the boy’s face, completely annihilating the traces of her life, and left without looking back.

  The boy’s fortune has always been pretty good.

Not only are academic and love complacent, the career is smooth.

So when he got the idea of marriage, he thought that everything could be done step by step.

First of all, the fiancee said that he wanted to build a small family after marriage, and the boy’s mother agreed, so he had to buy a house first.

My mother likes to be close to the traditional small high-rises below the seventh floor, and repeatedly talks to him: “I’m most afraid of living in a high-rise building with an elevator. There is nowhere to escape if I want to escape from a fire or earthquake. You don’t want me to go to your house occasionallyWhen you stay for a few days, are you worried all the time?

“Fiancée likes high-rise commercial and residential buildings with elevators in the bustling urban area. He thinks that it is convenient for eating and shopping, property management is good, and life is of high quality.

  The two opinions are different, and the mother throws out a sentence: “The person who pays decides where to buy.

“He was the one who gave the money, and he was born to his mother, and of course he bought the small high-level next to him.

  The subsequent decoration also turned him into a pig Bajie looking into the mirror, not inside or out.

The mother said, “How can the kitchen door be removed?

There are so many fried fume, if there is no door, the whole living room will be smoked with smoke, what a system!

“The fiancee said,” I like the open kitchen.

Small families rarely open gangs. The door is removed and turned into a small bar, which is practical and interesting.

You can’t bear to see me nestling in an air-conditioned little corner for dinner?

“After my mother retired and stayed at home all day long and bored, the duty of the on-site supervisor was naturally inevitable.

Of course the kitchen door was kept, and the small bar was mentioned.

After the house was finally finished, the boy and his fiance moved in first and discussed the details of the wedding. The fiancee said suddenly, “I don’t want to play anymore, can I?


The boy never understood: “Is it really so serious as to ruin the marriage?”

If you really don’t like this house, you can resolutely oppose it . “” Yes, men really don’t know women.

For a woman, buying a house is no longer just a simple question of “where to buy, how to decorate it”, but a weather vane to observe the new home she is about to marry.

If a man has to accept the opinions of the native family even when buying a house, how can she be trusted to be respected in the future?

The house was just the last straw that crushed his love.