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Bee Breath Adjustment Improves Sleep Quality

Bee Breath Adjustment Improves Sleep Quality

Modern people have been under so much pressure that more and more people suffer from insomnia. How can we enhance the quality of sleep without insomnia? Let’s introduce the bee breathing method in the primary yoga breathing method.

  The method of bee breathing, as the name implies, is the sound of a bee when exhaled.

  Methods: (1) Close your mouth . Inhale (2) Make a “buzzing” sound when exhaling, try to extend the exhalation time as much as possible, and use the abdominal muscles to help control the exhalation time.

  If you use your fist or finger to pat up and down during breathing, it can stimulate lung cells and make the brain and body full of vitality.

  Efficacy: (1) purify, strengthen the respiratory system, improve voice resonance; (2) calm and calm the nervous system; (3) practice before bed helps improve sleep quality.

  Note: This breathing method requires prolonged expiration time. If you feel unwell, you should be careful or avoided, or even stop.

  In addition, insomnia is not only caused by stress. There are many reasons that cause insomnia, so while practicing yoga breathing, you should also maintain a happy mood, so that you can alleviate your mental moment, so that you can better prevent insomniaAppear.