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Warmth is the first to completely eliminate the dead end of hygiene

Warmth is the first to completely eliminate the dead end of hygiene

Large indoor and outdoor temperature differences, dry air and other issues have become a public health hazard.

Experts remind that eliminating dead spots in health to prevent bacterial growth, adding more humidity to the room, and paying attention to regulating uneven heat and cold are all concerns for health care during the heating season.

  The elimination of sanitary dead corner heating has begun, the temperature in the home will gradually rise, and some bacteria and other microorganisms will also become active.

  In the early stage of heating, it is best to eliminate the dead spots of sanitation first, to extend the benefit of improving the winter home environment, and to allow for the protection of physical health.

  Yin Zhichao, a physician at the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, suggested that before or during the initial period of heating, it is best to thoroughly clean and disinfect the sofa in the living room to avoid breeding germs.

The contents of the refrigerator should also be cleaned thoroughly. Replace the inside and outside of the refrigerator, especially the seals and armrests for thorough disinfection.

In addition, it is best to thoroughly clean all corners of the bathroom, and regularly clean the toilet with a professional disinfectant to allow other supplies in the room to be free from contamination.

  Putting a carpet indoors in winter can keep you warm, but because the surface fibers of the carpet are prone to accumulate dust, the overall increase in indoor temperature brings an excellent opportunity for bacteria.

Therefore, the carpet should be thoroughly cleaned at the beginning of winter heating, and if necessary, take it out for drying.

  In addition, because the cockroaches who were afraid of hiding in the cold will gradually become mad after heating, so the leftover food should be cleaned in time, and the unused tableware should be moved frequently; when cockroaches are killed, the water source should be blocked and the faucet shut downWipe off water marks; gaps and holes surrounding the building.

Insecticides can only kill visible cockroaches, so it is best to scratch or place poison baits with pens around the basin, urinal, and refrigerator base so that the cockroaches are poisoned when they take water and eat.

  After multi-pronged heating with air humidification, the chill in the room is no longer, but the dryness is getting worse. The continuous hot wind makes people’s skin abnormally dry, and dry throat, thirst and other conditions appear.

  Xie Zhihong, deputy chief physician of the Dermatology Department of Beijing Hospital, said that in general, the higher the indoor temperature, the lower the humidity.

The warm and dry air environment is prone to the growth and spread of bacteria and viruses. Studies have shown that under certain humidity conditions, the human body feels most comfortable, and various germs are not easy to spread.

Therefore, in dry winter, artificial humidification can be used to improve indoor air humidity.

  Xie Zhihong suggested that you can use an indoor humidifier, put a few pots of fresh water in the room, put a basin of water on the radiator, or put a few wet towels to let the water slowly evaporate and keep the indoor air moist.

However, if a humidifier is used, it should be cleaned daily and replaced with water to prevent the microorganisms produced in the water from being spread into the air to affect health, and still pay attention to room ventilation.

Citizens can prepare thermometers and hygrometers at home to control the temperature at about 25 ° C and the relative humidity at 45%?
65%, this is the most comfortable environment for the human body.

  The ventilation of newly-decorated rooms is tightly closed with doors and windows, and the temperature rises significantly. The severity of decoration pollution and indoor air pollution will increase, so the problem of decoration pollution will be more significant in the heating season.

  Xie Zhihong said that in a newly renovated room, the temperature increase and humidity decrease caused by heating, and the pollution of the decoration will increase the harm to the human body. Therefore, it is best to move into the newly renovated room after winter or during the heating season.Open windows often for ventilation.

  Tong Yong Hospital Director of Respiratory Medicine Sun Yongchang said that after the start of heating, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference penetrates. If the indoor is not paid attention to ventilation, it is not conducive to the exchange of indoor and outdoor air, and is vulnerable to the attack of cold viruses.

In addition, due to the sudden warming of the room, it will cause a decline in immune function and resistance, so proper ventilation can improve work efficiency, reduce disease transmission, allow people to gradually adjust to the temperature, and avoid discomfort from cold and tropical.

  Sun Yongchang reminded that no matter whether it is an office or a family, whether it is an old house or a newly renovated house, in winter, do not close the doors and windows because of fear of cold. Generally, open the windows one at a time in the morning and evening.It is best to wear clothes properly during window opening and ventilation.

  Light diet prevents the “domestic and foreign heat” heating season, indoor temperature rises, if you eat more hot food, blind tonic, it is easy to cause “domestic and foreign heat”, so the diet should be light.

  Sun Yongchang, director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of Tongren Hospital, suggested that in the heated room, the air is very dry, and the taste of the diet should not be too strong and spicy.

People who stand by in the heating room every day longer than those in the upper floors and lack of exercise should not consume too much hot food, so as to avoid dryness and aggravation of dryness and fire. Therefore, drinking more water is especially important, especially the elderly.

Also eat more vegetables and fruits, such as apples, pears, bananas, oranges, etc. These fruits are rich in water, and have the effects of moisturizing the lungs, nourishing yin and moisturizing, and improving the body’s disease resistance.

  It is also necessary to develop the habit of going to bed early and getting up early. Running early is the most effective exercise method. Instead of going to the river, the park, or the lake, because a lot of water evaporates there, the air humidity is relatively high.