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Sweet and bitter things for foreign husbands

Sweet and bitter things for foreign husbands

“Money” and “sex” in the eyes of an American husband Oralist: Lin Xiaoling is 46 years old and I have been married for 6 years. I am an educator. After I married in the US 6 years ago, I taught Chinese in a middle school.I am 10 years old and a teacher.

  In China, a 40-year-old woman who is divorced and has a child is difficult to get along with.

Especially people like me who have a higher education background, that is, I am willing to “condescend”, others may not be willing to climb high.

Chinese men like women whose birds are human.

I do n’t have to marry an American to go abroad, because American men are simple and easy to get along with.

  I am too eager to have a home.

We lived together sweetly for 6 years, and obstacles are inevitable. The biggest challenges are “money” and “sex”.

  American couples have their own accounts, but they also have a common account. Whoever pays for various expenses can be clearly stated.

There is also the notarization of premarital property, which is a legal procedure routinely performed by every American before an ancient wedding, and no one confuses love.

  When I married my husband, he asked me to sign a property notarization document stating that his property had nothing to do with me before marriage, and I really felt bad.

He asked me for my long-distance phone charges to China.

Once I picked up my Chinese friend to come back from the airport, and he asked me in front of a friend for 10 dollars in gasoline. It really made me unable to get off the stage.

  My husband and I were so clear-cut that it was embarrassing to be a wife.

However, when I ca n’t afford it, he will be generous.

  Last summer, my 15-year-old daughter was admitted to one of the top art colleges in the United States. It required a considerable amount of tuition and fees, and I lost $ 1,000 for all my savings.

At this time, my husband generously offered me $ 1,000, and he said that even if the money was a little sponsorship for his daughter’s studies, I really appreciated him.

  Last year’s flood in China, he took me to the Chinese community to donate $ 500, and that enthusiasm touched me.

I joked with him that this 500 dollars is for me, how many calls can be made to my parents.

He was anxious: “That won’t work, that won’t work.

“I have been with my husband for a long time, and I understand the lines that can be distinguished and indistinguishable in their lives.

  Although I have been married for several years in China, I am still blind.

“Sex” is definitely not self-directed. Although my husband is 10 years older than me, not only can he not see such a big difference in appearance, but he is also full of energy and physical strength.

  When I first married this American husband, I could n’t make love, my cooperation was not harmonious. I even hated some of his sex acts, or ignored “unbearable ugly torture”, so our marriage was facing crisis.

Later, he showed me many times to see a psychiatrist, a sex doctor, and rented a lot of A-level movies.

Now I realize the joy of sex.

Of course, now I am always lamenting: In Chinese family life, couples pay too much attention to the days of chai oil and salt.

  Opinion: The use of money by American husbands is very different from that of China. This is related to historical and cultural backgrounds. This is the biggest conflict between Eastern and Western cultures in marriage.

Clearly dividing money, this does not mean centrifugal separation, this is their culture.

Chinese marriage is based on common ideals and hobbies, and American marriage is based on harmonious and sweet sex life.

  U.S. husband: Advance consumption advocating oral enjoyment: Wu Dong, 32 years old, married for 4 years. I was an English teacher at a key university in China. After marrying in Scotland, I became a Chinese teacher in a university.

Chinese couples must be “heart-to-heart”. Australians do not understand the process of heart-to-heart, and they cannot understand such deep love.

I admit that marrying this foreign husband is for the green card, but I don’t want to cheat the green card and leave. I would like to live with him sincerely.

  Due to different living environments, my husband and I have many differences in cultural life and other aspects: especially consumption and recreation.

I am very tired during the day and I want to lie down as soon as I get into the house after work. After a day of tiredness, he has to play and run.

On Sunday I wanted to rest quietly at home, but my husband had to drive far away to experience nature.

I like to save money, save a little money every month, and he likes to use credit cards to spend ahead of time.

Our house, car, and home appliances were all purchased by installments. He spends his money every month.

So I often bump into him.  During the summer vacation, once he wanted to travel with me to the beach.

But I want to save some money, and I strongly disagree.

He stubbornly said: You are too hard, you must relax.

I said we do n’t have that much money!

He said we didn’t save $ 1,000?

How can you say you have no money?

I told him we had a home and saved some money to prepare for a sudden incident.

He laughed at me and wanted to do so much?

He pulled me on a tour.

I ran out of $ 1,000 in 3 days.

He said that the Chinese only know to save money, as if people live to save money!

If you do n’t have the money, do n’t you just save the money?

You can only earn money desperately by spending money.

  I always feel that Australians are too fond of enjoyment, and we are too frugal.

To maintain my marriage, my Australian husband can’t change, and I often suppress and aggravate myself.

This is also a way for Chinese women to pay for foreign marriages.

  Opinion: Washington husbands consume ahead of time and admire enjoyment. Their values and consumption outlook are very different from those of the upstream.

If you want to marry an Australian husband, you must be mentally prepared, otherwise you will feel depressed and wronged.

  The husband ‘s polygamy culture: “Tolerant” and “Friendly” Oralist: Qin Yuling, 27 years old, has been married for 5 years and I have been married to Zaire for 5 years.

Zaire is a country with a relatively backward economy and culture, and many people have almost no understanding of Zaire.

I have a very satisfying career in Zaire, working as a gynecologist in all hospitals.

Husband Yang and I are in a unit. He is a pharmacist.

Families with occupations like ours are already high citizens in Zaire.

But I still don’t feel happy and happy, I don’t like the national customs of Zaire.

  I fell in love with Zaire students while studying at Nanjing Medical University 5 years ago.

After we completed our studies, we became a couple. When we had the crystallization of love, I settled in Zaire with a beautiful dream.

  However, how can I think that when I received the certificate printed with the gilding letter from the marriage registry (the husband concealed the fact of marriage), I was only his wife in the third room.

  I couldn’t bear the feeling of being deceived, so I forced him to divorce his grandmother and second wife.

He said it was their national culture, that polygamy was protected by law, and he would not divorce them.

I shouted, “The Chinese can’t stand the life of polygamy. The Chinese advocate monogamy. This is also China’s national culture. What culture you should consider more.

He didn’t get angry, and said to me gently: “I know that you are pained to be deceived, but I will show you with action proof that our family is very friendly and you will be happy!”

“I’m speechless. I’m dead and can’t change.

Later, my husband and I were transferred to a hospital and lived an ordinary life in a Zaire style.

In Zaire, husbands and wives are generally equal to each other, and husbands and wives are not as difficult to get along with as old wives and concubines in China, let alone calculate each other, and often go to the street or work together, and love each other.

After I entered their house, I also received the courtesy of the two wives. In life, they were spiritually concerned, and they willingly surrendered.

My husband also took special care of me, never let me do housework, and accompanied me carefully.

These are also a comfort to me.

Once my wife’s gynecological disease recurred, my husband asked me to help her with treatment.

It is my responsibility as a doctor to see a patient. Why should I ask for it?After a series of examinations and treatments, the old lady’s illness soon recovered.

My husband guided the whole family to thank me and be grateful, and I was flattered.

Opinion: Zaire’s polygamy is their national culture. Their big and small wives can live in harmony and love each other. If you want to marry a Zaire husband, integrate yourself into this big family!