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Children want to grow tall and remember 6 word guide

Children want to grow tall and remember 6 word guide

Spring is the golden season for babies to grow their bodies. A World Health Organization survey report shows that children’s growth is accelerated at 3?
In May, Mom and Dad seized this opportunity to carry out all aspects of child rearing, and they would do more with less.

  Professor Hou Jianghong, director of pediatrics at Henan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that in order for children to grow tall, the method is actually very simple, that is, the six words “can eat, play, and sleep.”

“If you can eat, you must have a well-balanced diet and a regular diet.

Be sure to develop your child’s habit of eating regular meals on a regular basis and eat less or no snacks. Only in this way can they maintain good internal function.

Parents should not overdo it, and stuff high-protein, high-faecal food blindly to their children. This will increase the gastrointestinal burden and cause internal dysfunction, but it will be counterproductive and reduce the child’s absorption of nutrients.

Also pay attention to let children eat less sweets, because sweets have a single nutrient, which can easily lead to a feeling of fullness. If you eat more sweets, you will eat less naturally.

  Parents who can play in the spring must ensure that their children have enough time to be outdoors every day, and children are often exposed to the sun. Older children must have sufficient outdoor physical activities. Activities can promote metabolism and growth hormone secretion, which is conducive to the absorption of nutrients.

Professor Hou Jianghong advocates that children over the age of five or six can swim 2 times a week?
3 times, because swimming can get balanced exercise throughout the body, it is a good way to increase appetite.

There are also some bouncing sports such as skipping ropes, rubber bands, playing ball and so on.

  Getting enough sleep is an important guarantee for a child’s good development.

School-age children should ensure about 9 hours of sleep a day, and can take a nap of about 1 hour at noon (not too long). The younger the child, the longer the sleep time should be appropriately lengthened. Only when you sleep well can you grow taller.

In addition, parents should also pay attention to the need to minimize the incidence of children’s infections in the spring. Spring is the season of high incidence of infectious diseases. Repeated infections also affect the development of children.

We must also avoid blindly adding calcium. Calcium loss is not good, and more is even worse. If it is too much, it will cause excessive deposition of calcium in the epiphysis, but it will affect the “long man”.

If you need to make up, it is recommended to do a trace element measurement (as a clinical reference), and also combine the child’s own symptoms to determine whether calcium deficiency, if the calcium deficiency should be supplemented step by step under the guidance of a professional doctor.