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Ivy Uda Yoga is Popular in Europe and America

Ivy Uda Yoga is Popular in Europe and America

Ayurveda, a magical technique that originated in ancient India 5,000 years ago, is setting off a new wave of health in Europe and the United States. Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical traditions in the world.

Yoga is just one of them.

And through the world of yoga, the whole healthy lifestyle system behind the yoga-Aiwei Wuda, has surfaced, bringing a new wave of health in Europe and the United States.

In Sanskrit, Ayur means “life” in a broad sense, including body, mind, consciousness, and soul; while Veda means “knowledge and intelligence”, so Ayurveda can be interpreted as “intelligence of life”.

  Uncovering the mysterious veil of Ivy Uda According to Ivy Uda’s philosophy, human energy can be divided into the following three types: Vata (Sanskrit: meaning wind is the main), Pitta (meaning fire is the main) and Kapha (Means mainly water and soil).

These elements exist in all life forms. When they are in equilibrium, people’s body and mind will rise upwards, otherwise they will get sick.

But because each person has a different proportion of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, the treatment method will also vary from person to person, so Ivy Uda has become a very personal medicine.

  Simply test which substance do you suspect?

  From the following conditions, find the type that best meets your needs, and that is your conversion type. In fact, very few people are 100% Vata, Pitta, or Kapha. You are most likely a mix of some type of constitution.Body, because these three kinds of energy exist in each living body, and will constantly interact, but one will be transformation after all.

  For example, if a person with a Vata constitution lives in a very cold area or often ingests cold and dry food, it will cause Vata disorders and cause dry and rough skin.

  For a person with a Pitta constitution, the skin is inherently oily.

However, excessive exposure to cold and dry weather will also cause Vata disorders in the body, skin conditions may change, and dryness and roughness may occur.

  Ivy Uda has a complete daily maintenance diet, including diet, meditation, exercise, massage and various rejuvenation therapies. These instructions are by no means merely an optional complement, an integral part of the healing process of alternative therapies, and someThe theory has even been used by western medicine today.

  Ivy Wuda ‘s beauty is guided by the duality of beauty. Ivy Wuda and the cosmetics industry have significant differences. It points out that the outer and inner beauty are closely related. The more nourish and maintain the inner, the more bright and bright the outer, andFatness and thinness will not affect this naturally exposed light at all.

  Ivy Uda divides beauty into three parts: external, inner and invisible-external beauty: In addition to referring to the general standards of beauty, Ivy Uda believes that true beauty lies in a healthy body.

  Inner beauty: one’s intrinsic qualities, including emotional state and mental activity.

Just as shape can be adjusted by diet and lifestyle, a person’s mind can also become more positive by training. This is the process of self-discovery and cherishment.

Invisible beauty: It takes a short time to cultivate. It contains a person’s energy, inspiration and insight, which is transformed from the inside to the outside.

  Different massage methods The professional Ivy Wuda will determine the characteristics and temperament of each person according to each person’s spleen or personality (lifestyle, manners, etc.), and adopt different massage methods.

  Abhyanga is the basic massage of Aiwei Wuda. By massaging the whole body from head to toe, it provides an excellent opportunity to pamper yourself and relax.

The masseur’s hands slowly and calmly moved on the body, exerting force on the acupuncture points precisely.

This kind of massage is suitable for those who are fretful in temperament, burdened by life, and flabby.

Use warm sesame oil for massage.

  Vishesh can effectively help rejuvenate, and also use sesame oil during massage.

It is suitable for those who are easily tired.

If two masseurs massage at the same time, the effect is even better.

  Shirodhara is a method of massaging the head with sesame oil. It is very useful for people who are extremely nervous and stressed. It is like a sedative for the brain and works from the brain to the whole body.

It should be noted that this massage is not suitable for those with sinusitis.

  Garshan refers to the method of massaging the skin without using massage oil.

Masseurs generally wear raw silk gloves, and by gently rubbing up and down on the body, the purpose of promoting blood circulation can make people instantly energized.

It is very similar to Abhyanga’s operation method, from head to toe.

For those with oily skin, cellulite, or obese people have unparalleled benefits.

  Unique Massage Oil-Sesame Oil Sesame Oil is the basic massage oil of Ivy Uda. It is generally used after heating.

This is because sesame oil is extremely beneficial for regulating the physiological cycle of women.

In addition, some sesame oils are the most widely used vegetable oils in Ivy Uda Massage, but a large number of other vegetable oils can also be used, including rose oil, geranium, lavender, bergamot, jasmine essential oils and more.

Professionals say that considering that these plant essential oils can penetrate into human skin, care must be taken to ensure its quality.

  Ivy Uda’s dietary perspective If personal fitness and nature do not work in harmony, one cannot expect to be truly treated.

No matter how nutritious any food is, if it cannot be properly digested and absorbed, it will be regarded as a toxin waste.Choosing wisely, handling it skillfully, and concentrating on your diet can enhance digestion and absorption.

Ivy Uda’s diet is not based on calories or nutritional ingredients, but also on whether the color, taste, temperature, and proportion of food “attracts” one’s physical fitness, and these foods usually have the characteristics of balancing and correcting physical fitness.

For example, Vata is inherently dry and cold, so you should eat more wet and warm food.