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Psychological Causes of College Students’ Job Search Failures

Psychological Causes of College Students’ Job Search Failures

At a job fair, recruiters told reporters that they believe that there are many misunderstandings in the job search of college graduates, and these are the reasons that directly lead to their failure to apply for jobs.

  First, I do n’t know anything about the company. Many graduates apply for companies casually. At a job fair, the recruiting director of a cosmetics company asked applicants to name several brands of the company ‘s agents.come out.

The candidate supervisor said: “It is so strange to the company that it is difficult to imagine his career planning without knowing the company before applying for a job.

We will definitely not use such irresponsible people.

The reporter learned that in this situation, recruiting units encountered a lot.

  Second, for some college students, it is not that they do not have any job, but because the expectations of the job are too high, they disregard some low-grade jobs, and blindly pursue some ideals that are “high wages, high consumption” that are out of realityjobs.

Such “semi-suspended” talents are bound to become unemployed when employment pressure is increasing.

  Third, the application is too blind. Many college students do not know what the division of responsibilities for a certain position is, but only understand it from the surface.

A company’s “Commercial Planning Department” subordinates the product planning office to recruit people. As a result, many college students see the word “service” and assume that no one is applying for service.

When the company removed the word “service”, many people immediately submitted their resumes.

Personnel directors warned that if you do n’t understand the position, you can ask the employer, and do n’t just understand it one-sidedly, you may miss a good opportunity.

  Fourth, unwilling to go to the grassroots to endure hardships College students have just entered the society and just entered the enterprise, and it is difficult to enter the role immediately.

Some companies require that all new college students to go to the front line to exercise for a year. Some students can’t immediately engage in design and management work. If they want to “take a year of hardship”, they will retreat and refuse to do it.Got a good job.

  Fifth, lack of independence. Many college students only know the dead books in their studies, and there is not enough social practice. Parents are required to participate in job applications every time they apply for jobs, and they lack opinion.

There are also written examinations for graduates. After passing the interview, when signing a contract with the company, the parents came to the employer to talk about the conditions with the employer.

Human resources executives at sustainable companies have expressed resentment at this behavior.

“The right job search is that you are an independent person, you have your own judgment, and you are responsible for yourself.

“Said a personnel manager.