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[How to send egg white quickly]_how to do_how to do

[How to send egg white quickly]_how to do_how to do

I believe that many people will know that after cooking, usually in some cases, the use of some eggs is directly using egg whites, and for these egg whites, they need to pass certain tools to pass.

For egg whites, usually use some special tools to beat the eggs, because this can quickly and easily beat the egg whites.

When then when you do n’t have the tools to beat egg whites, how should you pass the egg whites quickly in some way?

1. Eggs must be fresh.

To successfully make a delicious cake, you must use fresh eggs, because stale eggs are easy to collapse even when they are passed, the air bubbles are unstable, and there is no swelling effect when baking.

2. Master the passing temperature of egg whites.

Mastering the temperature of egg whites is also very important. Practice has proved that the best temperature for egg whites is about 23 degrees. Therefore, in the summer, you must first ice the eggs and beat them, and in winter you can use warm water to beat them.

If you are using an eggbeater, you can also pass the egg white container in hot or cold water.

In short, you can use various methods, as long as the temperature of egg white is controlled at about 23 degrees, egg whites are the easiest to be sent off at this temperature.

3. The tools used must be clean.

The tools (including your hands) used to pass egg whites must be clean and absolutely free of water and oil.

In addition, the egg whites and yolks must also be separated very cleanly, and the slightest yolk can be inserted into the resulting egg whites.

Because even a little water or oil or egg yolk is enough to fail.

Practice has proved that iced eggs are easier to separate egg whites from yolks and are very clean. Most people’s eggs are now stored in the refrigerator. After removal, the best effect is to separate them immediately.

4. It is better to pass egg whites in a copper container.

Putting the separated egg white in a copper container is the best way to pass it, because the copper container can release a small amount of acidic substances during the pass, which is beneficial to maintaining the stability of the air bubbles.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a copper container, you can also choose a stainless steel container.