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[Can scallions treat rhinitis]_ rhinitis _ green onion _ efficacy

[Can scallions treat rhinitis]_ rhinitis _ green onion _ efficacy

Rhinitis is a relatively common disease in life. The cause of rhinitis is that the complications of nasal mucosa or mucosal tissue always occur after cold and cold, and sometimes have some relationship with other pathogenic bacterial infections.

So can green onions treat rhinitis?

Spring onion is a commonly used condiment and a good medicine.

Chinese medicine believes that onion (white) is warm and spicy, and has the effects of dispersing stasis and hemostasis, Tongqiao, and detoxification.

The study found that the volatile spicy hormone contained in the shallots had bactericidal, analgesic, and hemostatic effects, and had a killing effect on nasal bacteria.

In addition, the scallion juice has a spicy scent, which is good at “nose”, and can disperse blood, which can help tissues clear damaged cells and promote wound repair. The stickiness of scallion juice can protect the nasal septum mucosa.

Therefore, plugging rhinitis with onion juice has a certain effect on alleviating its symptoms.

This prescription also has a certain effect in the treatment of nosebleeds.

However, scallion is volatile and should not be stored for a long time. The best effect is the use of fresh juice every time.

Method 1: Recipe: Moderate amount of spring onion.

Method: Fresh raw spring onions, wash them, take the onion white, smash them, put a few small groups of fingernail-sized cotton wool and dip the onion juice for later use.

Usage: First clean the nostril with a cotton swab, then insert a small cotton ball dipped in onion juice into the nostril, and keep it for a few minutes. At first, you will feel acrid, and gradually lose irritation. When the effectiveness disappears, replace with a newCotton ball.

Each time such a plug for half an hour to about an hour.

Two or three times a day, you can prepare more onion juice for convenience, sealed with plastic wrap, and do it when you have time. Treatment can do other things at the same time, without affecting the normal life at all, very convenient.

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