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[How to eat fresh Yuzhu?

】 _How to eat_How to eat

[How to eat fresh Yuzhu?
】 _How to eat_How to eat

For people who tend to have high blood pressure, Yuzhu is more familiar with this plant, because Yuzhu can play a role in lowering blood pressure after eating.

And in life, Yuzhu can really appear on people’s tables as a kind of food. The gourmet made with Yuzhu as the main ingredient is still very delicious.

So, if there is fresh host bamboo in the home, what is the best way to make it?

Yuzhu, a perennial herb of the Liliaceae family, also known as sassafras, female wilt, land-saving, jade art, bamboo yellow, bamboo seven roots, mountain basmati, ginseng, weed, bamboo, ground bamboo, bell vegetables.
Long length, slightly flat, few branches, surface yellowish white or light yellowish brown, translucent, with longitudinal wrinkles and slight ridges alternate, with white dot-like fibrous marks and disc-like stem marks.

It is native to southwest China, but it is widely distributed in the wild.

Cold-resistant, shade-resistant, happy environment, suitable for growing in loose soil with rich humus.

“Ben Cao Jing Ji Zhu” cloud “The stem is strong, like a bamboo arrow shaft, and has knots.

“That’s why it is called Yuzhu.

Hard and brittle or slightly soft, easy to break, cutinous or grainy.

Slight gas, sweet, sticky to chew.

It has the effects of nourishing yin, moistening dryness, replenishing and quenching thirst, lowering blood sugar, blood lipid, and blood pressure.

The best way to eat fresh Yuzhu is to drink it.

Or Yuzhu stewed pork ribs and duck are more nutritious and not dry.

Yuzhu can also be used with other herbs.

To play the synergistic effect of various medicinal materials.

Among them, the practice of making tea and water and eating soup or porridge is more common in daily life, and it is also more popular among ordinary people.

It is very important to eat Yuzhu properly. When eating, pay attention to: Yuzhu Yin deficiency should be used raw if there is heat.

Insufficient dry heat and yin in the lungs, dry cough and phlegm, dry mouth and dry throat, can be matched with A. ginseng, Ophiopogon, mulberry and so on.

In the late stage of fever, the stomach yin is damaged, and the person with a dry tongue can apply equivalently to A. ginseng, Ophiopogon and Licorice.

Those who are thirsty within the hot water can be used in the same way as trichosanthin, yam, and radix rehmanniae to nourish yin, clearing heat, and quenching thirst.

Polygonatum is a dried rhizome of a lily plant.

It has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs, nourishing the stomach and nourishing the stomach. As a health food, it is also a good Chinese medicinal material for disease treatment and health care. It has a lot of effects and can be consumed alone or in combination.