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[Scallop takes a few minutes to steam]_Scallop_How to steam_How to steam

[Scallop takes a few minutes to steam]_Scallop_How to steam_How to steam

When cooking scallops, we generally need to pay attention to the time, because if it is not cooked, then it can not be used more healthily and scientifically. Generally, if you steam the scallops for 5 to 10 minutes, you must pay attention to the heat.

Method 1: Ingredients: a pile of fresh scallops, a handful of fans, onions, ginger, soy sauce, cooking oil, hot sauce Method: 1. Prepare the fans first, cook them in boiling water, rinse them in cold water, and set aside.

Wash the scallops, shred the onion and ginger, place some onion and ginger on the scallops, and steam them in a steamer.

If there is no steamer, you can use other appliances to steam.

Wait until the scallop meat turns white, don’t steam it for too long, the scallop meat will shrink.

My experience is 5-10 minutes. After the basin is installed, fans can be spread on the scallops or on the bottom according to preference.

I like to spread it on top and eat it with scallops.

2. At the same time, add oil to the pan, add the remaining onion ginger and a little spicy sauce until the flavor comes out, add soy sauce, I will add the scallop juice left when steaming scallops, heat to boiling, and directly pour on the scallops.

3. Personal preference plus fans, combining different volumes of scallops to stimulate different feelings in chewing.

Please, it ‘s simple but rich in flavor. You can mix it with the copy made in the restaurant. The fans are soaked first, then placed directly on the washed scallops, and then put on the tempeh. You can add some salt (8 can be too much).Steamed in the cage.

Great fire, 3 minutes.

Turn off the heat and suffocate for 2-3 minutes.

Steamed scallops with soy sauce is done!

Method two, there is another method, 1. Wash the scallops.

Steam in the cage (same as above).

At the same time, take another small bowl, scoop two small spoonfuls of yellow bell pepper, and add green onions.

When the oil in the pot is hot, quickly pour the oil into a bowl.

Then pour it over the steamed scallops.

2, it becomes garlic scallion scallops.

In fact, the garlic should be chopped into pieces, but I feel troublesome.

Plus, people who like to eat yellow lantern pepper, and this pepper is originally added garlic.

So I was lazy.

Unexpectedly, the taste was surprisingly good.