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[How to eat dried cauliflower]_Recommended diet

[How to eat dried cauliflower]_Recommended diet

The dried cauliflower uses the dried cooking method. It tastes particularly fragrant. In addition, cauliflower contains a lot of vitamins and trace elements, and its trace content is relatively low. It is welcomed and loved by many people.

Next, I will give you a detailed introduction to the practice of delicious dried cauliflower, and you will try to make it at home.


Put fresh cauliflower into small pieces and soak it in a container filled with salt water. The cauliflower can be cleaned and cleaned and rinsed.


Prepare high quality pork belly, clean it and cut into thin slices.

You can also add other side dishes according to your preferences. Some, peeled and sliced carrots can also enrich the color of the entire dish.


Prepare spices.

Peel and pat the garlic and mince.

Remove the green pepper and cut into small circles.

Wash the shallots and chop them.


Put some oil in the pan. After the oil is hot, add the scallion and sauté. Add the pork and stir-fry.


Pour out the pork, use the remaining oil in the pan, heat the oil, then add minced garlic and green peppers and stir fry.


Next, add cauliflower, other side dishes, and stir fry constantly. You can add the right amount of cooking wine, which can effectively remove the fishy smell of pork, and can also add freshness to the authentic dishes.

Do not add water.


Add the seasonings such as salt and monosodium glutamate until the cauliflower is discolored and stir well.

The above is the specific method of dried cauliflower. The ingredients are relatively common, the method is simple and easy to operate, and it is delicious with rice.

However, many people think that the oil content of dried cauliflower is too large. In fact, adding too much oil during the frying process is not only harmful to human health, but also affects the taste of the whole dish. Pay attention when cooking.